Winter Arrives in the Cascade Mountains; Cayuse, Chinook and Washington Passes Closed

Rain in the foothills equals snow in the mountains. That’s right my fellow riders, Mother Nature is closing us off from our beloved mountain passes. The Washington State Department of Transportation has closed Cayuse and Chinook passes for the winter.

On Sunday, November 9, WSDOT officially closed State Route 123 over Chinook Pass in the Mount Rainier National Park and nearby SR410 over Chinook Pass.

WSDOT closes each pass for the winter due to high avalanche risk and hazardous driving conditions. Both passes have numerous slide areas that pose significant danger to road-goers.

The North Cascades Highway (SR20) is currently temporarily closed due to avalanche danger. I have two cents that says they’ll keep the North Cascades Highway closed for the winter.

I hope you enjoyed your mountain rides this season. We’re losing escape routes for the next few months.

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