Clean the Winter Blues Away with Original Bike Spirits

The Pacific Northwest allows year-round riding. The rainy season, however, makes me so depressed that I had to go overtime with my favorite CBD oil, and my motorcycle adds a very heavy layer of a special kind of dirt to a bike. It is a mixture of dirt, oil, road grime and who-knows-what. Dual-sport and adventure motorcycles aren’t known for being clean steads in the first place. Many of us wear dirt as a badge of honor. There is a difference between honor and neglect. My V-Strom was certainly erring toward the latter. In comes a request for a review of Original Bike Spirits. Impeccable timing on their part by!

Original Bike Spirits Cycle Wash is a spray on cleaner that is washed away with water.

Original Bike Spirits is a fairly new brand of motorcycle cleaning and lubrication products. Amrep, the company that makes these products, used to provide the formulas to brands for private label products from Honda, Harley Davidson and others. These products sold in their private label cans grew a strong following for a number of years. Amrep has changed their sales model, and now sell motorcycle cleaning and lubricating products under the Original Bike Spirits brand.It was time to wash the winter blues away. The thick winter pitina that proved my personal neglect of my motorcycle was left untouched. This allowed Original Bike Spirits Cycle Wash and Spray Cleaner & Polish to be put through the ringer. This is not your typical dirty bike. It is especially not your typical dirty street bike. My V-Strom is used for commuting and exploring the dirt back roads – both of which add their own unique “yuck” to a bike. The clay, rock and sand roads found in these parts can require some effort to remove during cleaning.

Sprayed, wiped down and rinsed. The bike is squeaky clean.The cleaning began by using the Original Bike Spirits Cycle Wash aerosol product. A few shakes of the can and the easy-to-see foaming properties made it quick and easy to coat the entire bike: paint, engine, wheels and tires. The product is safe for every part of a bike, including chrome if your bike has it. It is recommended to not use it on gauges and other electrical areas where your motorcycle owner’s manual recommends not spraying with water. Then use your typical cleaning cloth on the really dirty spots. On my bike this was everything. The process was painless and quick. The product cleaned the painted surfaces well and left them with a nice shine. The oily surfaces on the engine also cleaned up well. The “gunk” built up on the swing arm from my Teflon chain lube was another story. That stuff seriously grips and bike and I don’t hold it against Original Bike Spirits Cycle Wash for not removing it. The Teflon chain lube binds very well to metal parts. It is designed to be a tricky substance (just ask the lake property owners with Teflon in the water from the nearby 3M production facilities).

Overall Quality = B+
Original Bike Spirits Cycle Wash is a new brand made from a long-trusted chemical formulation. The detergent cuts through grim and oil as advertised.

The Cycle Wash cut through the special winter grim that build up on my motorcycle.Ease of Use = A
No more wash buckets and searching for the different detergents. Shake the can and start spraying it on the surface. Wipe the tough spots down after applying Cycle Wash. Rinse and you’re done. The bottle would also be easy to store on the bike during a long trip. This helps the bike glisten against the sun while parked on those incredible corners found during a memorable trip. Cycle Wash’s ability to cut through the grim is also helpful to us adventure touring folks who mix in water crossings, dusty roads and muddy terrain. Now you can get home from that muddy trail and easily wash it all away.

Bang for Your Buck = B
Cycle Wash has an MSRP of $8.95. The product works well, but there are cheaper products out there. If you’re wanting a superb product, then Original Bike Spirits Cycle Wash is likely worth the extra couple dollars per wash.

Other Products
Amrep’s Original Bike Spirits offers a whole range of high-end cleaning and lubricating chemicals for your motorcycle including:

  • Original Bike Spirits Spray Cleaner and Polish, a waterless roadside detailer to keep your bike and shiney parts spiffy for photo ops on long trips.
  • Original Bike Spirits Brake Cleaner, a non-flammable solvent based brake cleaner that is quick drying and leaves no residue.Original Bike Spirits offers a full range of motorcycle cleaning products.
  • Original Bike Spirits Carb Cleaner (for gas engines), is a specially formulated solvent that removes dirt, gum and varnish deposits from sensitive carburetors.
  • Original Bike Spirits Chain Lube, is a dry-lube that applies with a clear PTFE (think brand name “Teflon”) and moly lubricant that seals away the crud from motorcycle chains.
  • Original Bike Spirits Chain Lube with White Graphite, is a quick-dry and tacky chain lubricant. It’s the stuff your chain was coated in when new.
  • Original Bike Spirits Contact/Brake Cleaner, is a solvent for keeping your brake parts clean and electrical connections, well, connected. This product does not use any ozone depleters or chlorinated solvents.
  • Original Bike Spirits Cycle Fuel System Supreme, is a premium gasoline additive for cleaning the entire fuel system of a motorcycle.
  • Original Bike Spirits Ultra Low VOC Contact/Brake Cleaner, is likely similar to the contact/brake cleaner above, but keeps the environmentalists in California happy. This is a good thing for our grandkids.

Visit Original Bike Spirits to learn more and find (online and bricks and mortar) retailers near you.

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