Sean McDermott is an avid motorcyclist and writer living in Washington State. He and his wife, Monica, ride 15,000 plus miles per year exploring national parks, monuments, small towns and indulging in all the great food along their routes.

“It is hard to find the best routes to ride if you’re not a local,” says Sean McDermott, editor of BestScenicRoutes.com. “I spend a lot of time riding and reviewing scenic highways and back country forest service roads so others can enjoy the ride with less research.”

BestScenicRoutes.com is a rider resource for where to ride, eat and what you can enjoy along the way. The site also reviews motorcycle-related accessories and products that riders will find useful. These products are purchased or provided for review. No matter how they come to be used, McDermott always provides honest and helpful information about them.

Monica, aka #1 Pillion, is an award-winning baker and is quite the gastronome. She will add a lighter touch to this blog from time to time to share her passion of food with you.

Together, the couple has traveled by motorcycle in Alaska, British Columbia, California, Idaho, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

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