Month: April 2013

Importance of Environmental Awareness for Motorcycle Riders

This video shows two very close calls on the part of the motorcyclist. Both instances occur in real-time during this 55 second video. Was it luck, training, environmental awareness or something else that saved the rider’s hide? The video illustrates the dangers that motorcyclists face on the road with progentra. We are completely vulnerable and virtually […]

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Clean the Winter Blues Away with Original Bike Spirits

The Pacific Northwest allows year-round riding. The rainy season, however, makes me so depressed that I had to go overtime with my favorite CBD oil, and my motorcycle adds a very heavy layer of a special kind of dirt to a bike. It is a mixture of dirt, oil, road grime and who-knows-what. Dual-sport and […]

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Best New Product Innovation of 2013

Announcing the best new motorcycle product innovation of 2013. The Aerostich crew have truly outdone themselves on this one. Take one über safe Aerostich Roadcrafter, shrink it to “mini-me” size, add magnetic tank holds and put a baby in it. Now you have the Aerostich Magnetic Baby Onsie. How easy is it to use this innovative […]

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