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Motorcycle Ride Inspiration

Sometimes it takes a bit of planning to get the wheels turning, but then something unravels the plan and real adventure begins. Other times riding without a plan is the ticket to new discoveries.

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An Ellensburg Motorcycle Adventure: Lion Rock and Old Durr Road

Perspective, Hakan rides with the hills in the distance.

We uncork a bottle of wine and toast to the pursuit of adventure and to sleeping under the stars at 6,240 feet above sea level. Despite a few tumbles, the day was amazing. Stamina and skills were tested and with that comes accomplishment.

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Product Review: Garmin Nuvi 500-series GPS

Is it worth a few extra dollars to ensure that products work as advertised and last through the rigors of motorcycling? Most of the time, I would answer with a resounding “yes,” Ease of use and the ability to withstand

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Riding and the Pursuit of Adventure

The question of why I ride a motorcycle is asked quite often. It seems that the answer would be simple, “because I like it.” My weekend rides don’t elicit that question from onlookers near as often as my daily commute. People understand the

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Rockslides Cleared from Glorious Chuckanut Drive

Crews reopen Chuckanut Drive (SR 11) south of Bellingham today. The road was closed for nearly a month after two separate rockslides blocked the highway and destabilized the hillside above the road. The famous road, once in the top 10 scenic drives in the USA, lays a narrow paved route along the only section of the Cascade Mountains that actually touches the salty sea water of the Puget Sound.

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Puget Sound Destination: Pike Place Market

As the winter takes hold of our eastern escape route over the few Cascade Mountain passes in Washington State, my motorcycle trips become less frequent and typically shorter. I like to make more destination rides versus my typical routes of

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Private Screening of “One Crazy Ride”

One Crazy Ride is what a motorcycle adventure should be. Exploration into the unknown for the sake of finding it.

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Yakima to Everett via desert river canyons and tree-lined mountain passes

  The prospect of being a certified Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) RiderCoach has brought me and the V-Strom to Yakima Washington for a 60-hour course. The city of Yakima and surrounding Yakima Valley is known to be one of the

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