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Product Review: GIVI Airflow Windshield

Stock Screen Comparison

The GIVI Airflow AF260 is the best solution to the Suzuki V-Strom’s buffeting issues that I’ve found. It would be difficult to find a better solution. It is actually a combination of two windshields stacked together. Read the full review at

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Product Review: AltRider Skid Plate and Crash Bars

A new player to the adventure motorcycle scene is AltRider LLC. The Seattle-based company makes precision engineered parts that are as rugged as the bikes they bolt to. In many ways they are more rugged than the bikes they bolt to.

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85 Miles of Dirt – A Group Ride through Snoqualmie National Forest

Group rides on dirt roads are best served wet. Putting a bunch of two-wheeled hooligans on a dry dirt road puts the strong taste of dust in all but the leader’s mouth. Lucky for us, we live in the Pacific

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Flashpacking is packing light, packing geek

Packing for a long trip on a motorcycle is a challenge. A search for “packing light motorcycle” returns more than 4 million results on the subject. The first result of that search is for Tom Mehren’s book Packing Light Packing

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