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What is an Adventure Motorcycle

So what exactly is an adventure motorcycle? An adventure motorcycle is often used on long rides along paved and unpaved roads. Adventure motorcycles can be grouped into the overarching category of dual sport or enduro motorcycles. These bikes are capable of carrying one or two passengers and their gear on overnight or multiple day trips miles from civilization. They have longer suspension of six or more inches, to absorb the imperfections of dirt roads, double track trails and perhaps single track trails.

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Product Review: Giant Loop Great Basin Saddlebag

Hands down, the best solution that I have found for packing camping gear on a motorcycle is the Giant Loop Great Basin Saddlebag. These guys have it going on.

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An Ellensburg Motorcycle Adventure: Lion Rock and Old Durr Road

Perspective, Hakan rides with the hills in the distance.

We uncork a bottle of wine and toast to the pursuit of adventure and to sleeping under the stars at 6,240 feet above sea level. Despite a few tumbles, the day was amazing. Stamina and skills were tested and with that comes accomplishment.

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