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Best New Product Innovation of 2013

Announcing the best new motorcycle product innovation of 2013. The Aerostich crew have truly outdone themselves on this one. Take one über safe Aerostich Roadcrafter, shrink it to “mini-me” size, add magnetic tank holds and put a baby in it. Now you have the Aerostich Magnetic Baby Onsie.

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Take a Highly Visible Stand, with High-Viz Motorcycle Riding Gear

As a motorcyclist, pleasing colors could also be explained as colors that don’t stand out in traffic. Personally, I prefer riding gear that will burn a hole in the eye’s of drivers all around me. Fluorescent colors such as blaze-orange, lime-green or high-viz yellow won’t be splashed on the wall of my house anytime soon. At least that is what my wife tells me. Fluorescent colors aren’t found in nature and really stand out in traffic.

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Product Review: Aerostich Warmbib

As a kid growing up in Northern Minnesota, I remember snowmobiling in temperatures far below zero degrees Fahrenheit. We never thought about how cold it was. We were too busy enjoying the ride. The winter months in the Pacific Northwest

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Product Review: Aerostich Roadcrafter One-Piece Riding Suit

The single best feature of the Roadcrafter one-piece is how quick and easy it is to put on and take off.

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