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An Old Story to Start a New Adventure

Imagine for a second the power of Mother Nature. The outside temperatures were cold to the point of brittle metal. The stock trailer was open to the wind and weather. Traveling at Interstate Highway speeds likely dropped the temps to nearly -100° F. Yes, 100-degrees below zero, 132° F below freezing. Very cold conditions to withstand for hours on end.

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Ian Coates Around the World Update

This is an update on Ian Coates, the Smiling Wayfarer that I met in April of 2010. Ian is a 67-year-old from Hebden Bridge, England. He has the adventurous heart of a 27-year-old. He has been traveling around the world since 1999 on a Honda Africa Twin.

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An Ellensburg Motorcycle Adventure: Lion Rock and Old Durr Road

Perspective, Hakan rides with the hills in the distance.

We uncork a bottle of wine and toast to the pursuit of adventure and to sleeping under the stars at 6,240 feet above sea level. Despite a few tumbles, the day was amazing. Stamina and skills were tested and with that comes accomplishment.

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