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In Search of a Dirt Road with a Mount Baker View

Beautiful Mt Baker near Baker Lake

A scenic dirt motorcycle route in search of Mount Baker viewpoints. The route leaves from Hamilton, Washington and connects with Bake Lake Road. Fantastic views can be had along the tail end of the route. The beginning portion is just straight up hooligan dirt fun. Ride at your own risk.

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What is an Adventure Motorcycle

So what exactly is an adventure motorcycle? An adventure motorcycle is often used on long rides along paved and unpaved roads. Adventure motorcycles can be grouped into the overarching category of dual sport or enduro motorcycles. These bikes are capable of carrying one or two passengers and their gear on overnight or multiple day trips miles from civilization. They have longer suspension of six or more inches, to absorb the imperfections of dirt roads, double track trails and perhaps single track trails.

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Product Review: AltRider Skid Plate and Crash Bars

A new player to the adventure motorcycle scene is AltRider LLC. The Seattle-based company makes precision engineered parts that are as rugged as the bikes they bolt to. In many ways they are more rugged than the bikes they bolt to.

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Scratched Paint as the Evidence of a Well-Ridden Motorcycle

Unskilled motorcyclists are prone to more mishaps. Typically, if you’ve ever purchased a used motorcycle, you’ve steered clear of bikes that have been “dropped.” The scratched fairings, bent levers or tweaked handlebars are all evidence of a bike owned by

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