Weekend Get-Away to Olympic Peninsula, the Greenest Place in Washington State

The true spoils of riding possibilities in the Evergreen State would make motorcyclists obese if edible. The only limiting factor to feasting on these spoils is time. Monica and I have a three-day weekend and our goal is to experience as much of the Olympic Peninsula as two nights and three days will allow.

Notice the use of “experience” and not “see.” This is intentional. The 350-mile Olympic Peninsula loop, mostly along US Highway 101 is feasible for a long day ride. The required pace to finish that day ride will not allow you to actually take in the Olympic National Park and towns that dot its perimeter.

Mt. Olympus’ 7,980 feet peak and the rest of the Olympic Mountains catch the moist winds as they climb from the shores of the Pacific Ocean. The nearly 1 million acre Olympic National Park and its dense rain forests wring much of the moisture from the air and turn it into deep shades of green that reach up to the Olympic’s snow capped peaks that stretch North-South along the 123rd line of longitude.

Wishing we had a week or more to explore this area, we plot a route that will give us a good weekend taste of the area. We’ll start the ride in Tacoma and head north on State Route (SR) 16, south on SR 3 and SR 106 from Bremerton and hook up with US 101 near Skokomish. From there we’ll wrap around the top of the Olympic Peninsula where we will spend the weekend.

In all, we’ll experience about half of the peninsula. We’ll take in as many of the towns and park areas as time allows. I expect the pinnacle of the ride to be Hurricane Ridge. We’ll see waterfalls, a soon-to-be removed dam that blocks salmon passage, small towns and back roads.

Check back as this will be a multi-article series. There’s more to come.

Here is a map of our proposed ride. Please note that the actual route will likely change.

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4 comments on “Weekend Get-Away to Olympic Peninsula, the Greenest Place in Washington State
  1. bobskoot says:


    too bad you weren’t going a few days later, otherwise we could have bumped into each other. We are heading north on the Hood Canal to Port Townsend on Wed, July 21st, then ferry over to Coupeville then north to Deception Pass and Chuckanut up to Fairhaven.

    I may also be down in Bellingham the following Saturday for the Hamster Rally


    hope to see you on the road sometime

    Wet Coast Scootin

  2. I’d be up for the Hamster Rally, but have other plans that weekend. It would be good to get the old scooter out for a stroll. Have you been to the Olympic Peninsula before? It was my first trip. Port Townsend deserves more than a stroll and ferry ride. I plan to make it a future destination ride. Hurricane Ridge was the hands down winner for our trip.

    Stay tuned folks. There’s more to come.

  3. bobskoot says:


    Yes, I have stayed at the Chito Beach Resort just west of Clallam Bay and went to Cape Flattery. One of my favourite places is Rialto Beach in the La Push area. I have also had lunch at the Lake Quinault Lodge and have stayed at Ocean Shores. Many years ago you used to be able to rent horses on the beach, so that’s what we did.

    did you visit the TROLL house in Sequim ?


    kind of a neat place with bison and heads sticking out of the ground. Not really that far from Port Townsend, perhaps 20 minutes or so

    I also have a Maxi-scooter, but may not use it this year. too little time . . .

    Wet Coast Scootin

  4. So many places to check out and so little time. We didn’t see the Troll house, but that will be added to my list of possible destinations.

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