Flashpacking is packing light, packing geek

World travelling couple show value in flashpacking

World travelling couple show value in flashpacking

Packing for a long trip on a motorcycle is a challenge. A search for “packing light motorcycle” returns more than 4 million results on the subject. The first result of that search is for Tom Mehren’s book Packing Light Packing Right.

The search for the right combination of gear for motorcycle adventurers is an endless endeavor. Well, at least until you decide to leave with just your wallet, passport and bike. That way you just buy what you need as you need it.

By way of Carla King’s Motorcycle Misadventures blog I found a great bit of advice. A young and mobile couple on a year-long journey around the world. They offer the advice of going “flashpacking.” Bring minimal items and include your gadgets to stay in touch with the world on the journey. Check out there reasons for flashpacking, packing light and packing geek.

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