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Importance of Environmental Awareness for Motorcycle Riders

A 55 second video shows two very close calls for a motorcycle rider opens discussion for motorcycle environmental awareness and conspicuity (visually standing out in traffic).

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The Five Phases of D.I.Y. Learning – Applied to High Risk Environments

Do-it-yourself (DIY) learning as it applies to complicated, high-risk tasks such as learning to ride a motorcycle. These five phases were first presented by Dr. Mark Barnes in his article “The Five Phases of DIY Learning” in the February 2012 issue of Motorcycle Consumer News. In the article we take the information that Dr. Barnes presented in regards to learning mechanical skills and apply them to the higher risk activity of learning to ride a motorcycle.

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Suzuki Kind of Guy

As a person who is not tied to a particular motorcycle brand, why are 90% of my miles on a particular brand of bike? This recent realization caused me to pause. Kudos to you, Suzuki.

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An Old Story to Start a New Adventure

Imagine for a second the power of Mother Nature. The outside temperatures were cold to the point of brittle metal. The stock trailer was open to the wind and weather. Traveling at Interstate Highway speeds likely dropped the temps to nearly -100° F. Yes, 100-degrees below zero, 132° F below freezing. Very cold conditions to withstand for hours on end.

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What is an Adventure Motorcycle

So what exactly is an adventure motorcycle? An adventure motorcycle is often used on long rides along paved and unpaved roads. Adventure motorcycles can be grouped into the overarching category of dual sport or enduro motorcycles. These bikes are capable of carrying one or two passengers and their gear on overnight or multiple day trips miles from civilization. They have longer suspension of six or more inches, to absorb the imperfections of dirt roads, double track trails and perhaps single track trails.

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Ian Coates Around the World Update

This is an update on Ian Coates, the Smiling Wayfarer that I met in April of 2010. Ian is a 67-year-old from Hebden Bridge, England. He has the adventurous heart of a 27-year-old. He has been traveling around the world since 1999 on a Honda Africa Twin.

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The Humble Motorcyclist

Pride can get in the way of motorcycle skill development. Humbling experiences open our minds to the fact that there’s always room for vast improvement.

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Motorcycle Ride Inspiration

Sometimes it takes a bit of planning to get the wheels turning, but then something unravels the plan and real adventure begins. Other times riding without a plan is the ticket to new discoveries.

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Nearly 40-Percent of Washington State Motorcycle Deaths are Unendorsed Riders

Are you riding dirty without an endorsement? You’re not alone. investigated motorcycle crashes in Washington State to find out how many unendorsed motorcycle riders are being killed in crashes. The facts are astounding.

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Take a Highly Visible Stand, with High-Viz Motorcycle Riding Gear

As a motorcyclist, pleasing colors could also be explained as colors that don’t stand out in traffic. Personally, I prefer riding gear that will burn a hole in the eye’s of drivers all around me. Fluorescent colors such as blaze-orange, lime-green or high-viz yellow won’t be splashed on the wall of my house anytime soon. At least that is what my wife tells me. Fluorescent colors aren’t found in nature and really stand out in traffic.

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Prelude to Conspicuity Article Series – Close Encounters of the 4-Wheeled Kind

Motorcycle conspicuity, conspicuous, motorcycle visibility, high-viz, being seen, being visible, stand out in traffic, motorcycle lighting, motorcycle commuting, traffic safety, motorcycle safety

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Scratched Paint as the Evidence of a Well-Ridden Motorcycle

Unskilled motorcyclists are prone to more mishaps. Typically, if you’ve ever purchased a used motorcycle, you’ve steered clear of bikes that have been “dropped.” The scratched fairings, bent levers or tweaked handlebars are all evidence of a bike owned by

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Ian Coates the Smiling Wayfarer

The need for adventure pulls some riders away from the comfort of home for weekends or sometimes more extended multi-day trips. An adventurous spirit has taken one man around the world on a trip that will touch the two wheels

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Looking Ahead to Better Corners

How many words can you think of to describe a corner? Twisty, curve, sweeping, tight, bend, gradual, decreasing radius… Corners are truly one of the best parts about riding. That’s why we have so many words to describe them. No

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The Buzz Around Town

Getting around in town can be a hassle. The streets are packed with SUV drivers who are more intent on talking on their cell phone than actually paying attention to what’s going on around them. Don’t even get me started

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