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North Cascades Connections – Okanogan Forest to Grand Coulee Dam

The North Cascades Highway is a very popular route for motorcyclists seeking curves, scenery and small towns to eat in. Relatively few riders from the west side of the mountains venture off the Cascade Loop route. That, my fellow riders

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Olympic Peninsula – Elwha Dam to Port Townsend

Continuing the relaxed nature of this trip, we weren’t in a hurry to leave the comfort of our sleeping bags. The sun began to warm the ground by the time that we woke up. This was to be our last

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Olympic Peninsula – Port Angeles and Hurricane Ridge

The next morning we head back to Hwy 101 via NP2880. This road offers great views down the steep cliffs above the Dungeness River. We dismount in Sequim to find treats and coffee. We find both within a short stroll. The

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Olympic Peninsula – Hood Canal to Sequim

Leaving from Tacoma, our motorcycle takes us across the Tacoma Narrows Bridge northward to Bremerton along Washington State Route (SR) 16. We ride the V-Strom 650 through Bremerton to check out the Puget Sound and harbored Navy aircraft carriers. The

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Weekend Get-Away to Olympic Peninsula, the Greenest Place in Washington State

The true spoils of riding possibilities in the Evergreen State would make motorcyclists obese if it were edible.

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85 Miles of Dirt – A Group Ride through Snoqualmie National Forest

Group rides on dirt roads are best served wet. Putting a bunch of two-wheeled hooligans on a dry dirt road puts the strong taste of dust in all but the leader’s mouth. Lucky for us, we live in the Pacific

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Skagit Valley Tulip Festival by Motorcycle

Daily life keeps us busy. Sometimes an escape is needed in order to just hit the biological reset button. A quick escape can be all that it takes to slow life back down and begin to enjoy the moment again.

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Finney Creek Road, Over the Hill We Go

Many riders enjoy the solitude of the open road. For me, it is always better to share the adventure. That’s where a friend on another bike or pillion comes in to play. My wife enjoys riding as pillion. She has

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Skirting the North Cascades Highway

The Pacific Northwest holds a true abundance of scenic routes. There’s a lot to see in this part of the world. One of the most diverse ecosystems in the world can be found in the northern reaches of Washington State.

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Product Review: Aerostich Warmbib

As a kid growing up in Northern Minnesota, I remember snowmobiling in temperatures far below zero degrees Fahrenheit. We never thought about how cold it was. We were too busy enjoying the ride. The winter months in the Pacific Northwest

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Skagit Bird Ramble

It’s a rare sunny winter day in the Skagit Valley of Western Washington. Temps hover at 34 degrees. A fully fueled Suzuki V-Strom sits idle and cold in the garage. News reports mention the Audobon Society’s Christmas bird counts going on throughout

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Rockslides Cleared from Glorious Chuckanut Drive

Crews reopen Chuckanut Drive (SR 11) south of Bellingham today. The road was closed for nearly a month after two separate rockslides blocked the highway and destabilized the hillside above the road. The famous road, once in the top 10 scenic drives in the USA, lays a narrow paved route along the only section of the Cascade Mountains that actually touches the salty sea water of the Puget Sound.

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Puget Sound Destination: Pike Place Market

As the winter takes hold of our eastern escape route over the few Cascade Mountain passes in Washington State, my motorcycle trips become less frequent and typically shorter. I like to make more destination rides versus my typical routes of

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Motorcycle Commuting along the Puget Sound

Many of the articles here at have shared the great motorcycle tours along the highways, byways and backroads in the Puget Sound area.  My daily commute came up in conversation last week with a Facebook friend back in Northern

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Winter Arrives in the Cascade Mountains; Cayuse, Chinook and Washington Passes Closed

Rain in the foothills equals snow in the mountains. That’s right my fellow riders, Mother Nature is closing us off from our beloved mountain passes. The Washington State Department of Transportation has closed Cayuse and Chinook passes for the winter.

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