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Mount Baker Highway to Artist Point – A Grand View of Mount Baker Volcano


The Mount Baker Highway (WA 542) leads to one of the grandest views in Washington State at aptly named Artist Point. The twisty road is a spectacular roller coaster ride for motorcycle riders. takes you up the mountain and through the wall of snow at the Artist Point trail head overlooking Mt. Baker.

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Book Review: Sound Rider Guide to Motorcycling through Western Washington


A book review of The Sound Rider Guide to Motorcycling through Western Washington. The book outlines 27 paved rides along the Cascade Mountains and shores of the Puget Sound. The book provides good ride inspiration for local and visiting motorcyclists in the spoils of scenic splendor that is found in Western Washington State.

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Importance of Environmental Awareness for Motorcycle Riders

A 55 second video shows two very close calls for a motorcycle rider opens discussion for motorcycle environmental awareness and conspicuity (visually standing out in traffic).

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Clean the Winter Blues Away with Original Bike Spirits


A full product review of Original Bike Spirits Cycle Wash on an adventure bike ridden in the Pacific Northwest during winter. The product cut through a special kind of grim that was no badge of honor to have on a Suzuki V-Strom. The product worked as advertised. Click to read the full review.

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Best New Product Innovation of 2013

Announcing the best new motorcycle product innovation of 2013. The Aerostich crew have truly outdone themselves on this one. Take one über safe Aerostich Roadcrafter, shrink it to “mini-me” size, add magnetic tank holds and put a baby in it. Now you have the Aerostich Magnetic Baby Onsie.

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Let’s Ride Exhibit and Presentation

Let's Ride!

The Pacific Northwest has a rich history of motorcycling. Did you know that the United Parcel Service (UPS) was born out of a motorcycle parcel service that started in Washington State? The Washington State History Museum kicked off 2013 with the “Let’s Ride! Motorcycling the Northwest” exhibit that runs from January 26 through June 23, 2013.

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Okanogan Motorcycle Adventure

Motorcycle Dog

A two-day motorcycle camping trip through Okanogan (Okanagan) Country in both the United States and Canada. The route cuts a paved and dirt path through both American and Canadian portions of the trip. Along for the journey is Beasley the motorcycle dog. Come take a few moments to read about this fun and sun-filled journey.

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Skagit Valley Fields, Fidalgo Island Views and Aptly Named Deception Pass

Riding a motorcycle through the Skagit Valley to the highest point on Fidalgo Island and across Deception Pass is a perfect way to experience Washington State even with snow on the higher mountain roads. Come along with BestScenicRoutes,.com as we explore grand views of the San Juan Islands in what is a quick day-trip from Seattle.

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Lake Cavanaugh Road in the Heart of Skagit County Logging and Scenic Beauty

Lake Cavanaugh Road joins Washington State Highway 9 just south of the town of Big Lake. The road climbs, dips, swerves, swoops and twists its way between the hills, creeks and rivers that fed the logging boon of years ago. The scenic beauty of this terrain brings a tranquil peace to the pounding of your heart that come from enjoying the road on a motorcycle.

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The Spiral Highway, Idaho’s Motorcycle Gem

The Spiral Highway is one of the paved gems of the Pacific Northwest. Built from a wagon trail with many harrowing tales, a local county engineer designed a road that would climb 2,000 feet to the top of Lewiston Hill in roughly nine miles. The 64 curves in that short distance literally spiral 12 full times.

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Product Review: Fly Racing Trekker Dual Sport Helmet

Full product review of the Fly Racing Trekker dual sport helmet. Spoiler alert: the Trekker helmet is the best bang for your buck for dual sport motorcycle helmets. Read the full review at

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The Five Phases of D.I.Y. Learning – Applied to High Risk Environments

Do-it-yourself (DIY) learning as it applies to complicated, high-risk tasks such as learning to ride a motorcycle. These five phases were first presented by Dr. Mark Barnes in his article “The Five Phases of DIY Learning” in the February 2012 issue of Motorcycle Consumer News. In the article we take the information that Dr. Barnes presented in regards to learning mechanical skills and apply them to the higher risk activity of learning to ride a motorcycle.

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Suzuki Kind of Guy

As a person who is not tied to a particular motorcycle brand, why are 90% of my miles on a particular brand of bike? This recent realization caused me to pause. Kudos to you, Suzuki.

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Bucolic Mosquito Lake Road off Highway 9

There are several roads that every motorcyclist and sports car driver should know about in the Skagit and Whatcom county areas. Mosquito Lake Road and the dirt road option of Fire Service Road 38 is a gem in this area with several nationally renowned scenic routes. This is a route to challenge your cornering skills, enjoy the bucolic setting and traverse a historically important bridge in Washington State.

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In Search of a Dirt Road with a Mount Baker View

Beautiful Mt Baker near Baker Lake

A scenic dirt motorcycle route in search of Mount Baker viewpoints. The route leaves from Hamilton, Washington and connects with Bake Lake Road. Fantastic views can be had along the tail end of the route. The beginning portion is just straight up hooligan dirt fun. Ride at your own risk.

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