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Motorcycle Commuting along the Puget Sound

Many of the articles here at have shared the great motorcycle tours along the highways, byways and backroads in the Puget Sound area.  My daily commute came up in conversation last week with a Facebook friend back in Northern

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Winter Arrives in the Cascade Mountains; Cayuse, Chinook and Washington Passes Closed

Rain in the foothills equals snow in the mountains. That’s right my fellow riders, Mother Nature is closing us off from our beloved mountain passes. The Washington State Department of Transportation has closed Cayuse and Chinook passes for the winter.

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South Park attacks Harley Davidson in Episode titled “The F Word”

“Loud pipes save lives” is a well-known phrase in America. It is also a growing problem in motorcycle rights. In fact, the American Motorcyclist Association says that few other factors lead more to misunderstanding and prejudice against the motorcycling community

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