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Scenic ride through Mount Saint Helens destruction

This is a beautiful area with year-round mild-weather, however, a deep scar reminds us of the power of Mother Nature when she decides to show her teeth.

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Motorcycle camping San Juan Islands

  It’s an hour after we planned to be out the door. That’s okay, because we’re heading for the San Juan Islands and it just isn’t island-like to be on time. It’s all about chilling out. Fretting over the little

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Unwrapping the fine curves of Chuckanut Drive

a bridge erupts out of a corner in the road and you are dropped in a tree and cliff-lined area along Samish and Bellingham bays overlooking the San Juan Islands. This is where the road becomes truly magnificent. I gently pressed the handlebars left and right as I swerved along the tree-lined cliffs of Chuckanut Drive.

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